Total distance: 50.15 km
Max elevation: 2446 m
Min elevation: 830 m
Download file: 20180117053026-40155-data.gpx

II° Edition Ultra Maga Skymarathon

Date: 01 September 2019

Where: Zorzone – Serina

Organization: Asd Maga

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1° 1500€
2° 1000€
3° 600€
4° 500€
5° 400€
6° 300€
7° 200€
8° 150€
9° 125€
10° 100€

1° 1500€
2° 1000€
3° 600€
4° 500€
5° 400€
6° 300€
7° 200€
8° 150€
9° 125€
10° 100€

* In the event that, due to bad weather conditions or for reasons that may be considered dangerous for the athletes’ safety, the organization is forced to change the original course on an alternative course and therefore shorter, the prizes will be halved.

Guaranteed for the first 250 participants

Rank 2019



1. The event is open to all male and female athletes aged 18 years or older on the day of the race. Entrants must fulfil one of the following criteria: Athletes must be in possession of a Competitive Sport Eligibility Medical Certification for the current sport season without any contraindications to high altitude. Certificate for non Italian athletes. For all runners that do not reside in Italy, its necessary to present valid medical certification before the start at the organizers. The Race will take place on Wild Mountain surroundings trails with very demanding and challenging climbs and slopes courses. The route contains sections on exposed mountain ridges, which will have ropes or chains for assistance as well as experienced mountain guides Guide Alpine and Soccorso Alpino Societies.A good physical preparation is requested and maximum caution.
2. At the moment of registration participants free the organizers from all kind of civil and legal responsibility of damages to people or things before, during and after the race in relation to the race, therefore renounce to any type of appeal against the organizers in case of damages or any further consequences due to the race. The committee in any case declares to have a civil responsibility insurance due to risks derived due to the race organization.


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1. Participants must follow the race signs and pass all the check points.
2. The race bib can not be altered and must be visible at all times of the competition.
3. The Participants can withdraw  by their own initiative or by one of the race directors or by one of the Medical Doctors present at the race .In case of withdrawing the athletes  must inform the control post, handing over the  race bib and follow carefully the indication given by the return to base  responsible.
4. On the technical part of the track no trekking poles can be used due to safety, whoever has must fold them and place them in the rucksack as to have both hands free, the guida alpine (mountain guide) can disqualify the athlete in this case.
5. In case of any accident the athlete must assist, by helping the athlete in difficulty and warn the nearest control point. The jury will take into account the time used to assist.
6 Anywhere in the race the race director or staff race controller  can force  the  race participants to wear the windbreaker, anorak or any other type of clothes or obligatory equipment.


1. In case of adverse weather conditions that could be of danger to the participants the race course can be altered at the Jury discretion and cannot be contested by anyone. The race could be suspended at anytime even during the race. An alternative course as already been foreseen.
2. In case of forced interruption of the race by the Organizers a general classification will be drawn up taking in consideration the time taken at the last control point.
3. In case the race’s course will be reduced the prizes will be halved

All along the race course staff will be present and at the more technical points  Soccorso Alpino (Alpine rescue team) and AKJA will be present. At the gate points a Doctor from the Croce Verde will be present.

1.The maximum time to finish the race will be 11.30 for all athletes (men and women) Departure at 5.30 am from Zorzone. First gate at Capanna 2000 will close at 10.15 a.m. At the zambla pass there will be a second gate and it will close at 13.30. A third gate just down from the first Alben cross, near the puddle at 15.00

1. Official timing and data are elaborated by a specialized organization.
2. The first 10 ten athletes are not allowed to cross the finish line together but only as a single Lady or Gentleman.

At all points of refreshments there will be beverage and suitable energetic supplies. It is severely not allowed to leave any left overs, waste or garbage along the race, outside the refreshing points or anywhere, penalty disqualified .


The race will take place on mountain trails with a challenging route of ascents and descents, with some equipped stretches, fixed ropes and ferratas, passing through exposed ledges and steep rocky slopes of unstable stones and grassy meadows. Given the characteristics of the route we recommend suitable footwear and clothing. Gloves for the Ultra Maga Skymarathon are also recommended.

It is mandatory to arrive at the start with a long-sleeved k-way and frontal lamp and thermal sheet. Penalty will be given to the athlete without a k-way along the entire course of the race. The use of poles is optional. In the technical stretches the hands must be absolutely free, the mountain guide can disqualify the athlete in case he had the poles in his hand.

Various control posts will be present and jumping any of them will mean a disqualification of the athlete.


From 3 three minutes penalty to complete disqualification:

1. Its not allowed to leave any waste  outside the  organized refreshing points. (+/-100 m).
We take part and believe in the campaign “I don’t throw my waste anywhere”.
2.The race bib must be visible at all times and not tampered with.
3. It is not allowed to overtake in the pieces of the track with fixed ropes.
4. It is not allowed to jump obligatory control/check points.
5. It is not allowed any anti sport behavior – not assisting a participant in need of help.
6. You must bring and use the equipment requested.
7. You must follow  the organizers or judges indications.
8. You can be disqualified if you refuse the anti-doping test. Or fund positive.


Any complaints will have to be handed in at the race office an hour before the official race classification publication. With a fee of 50,00 EURO  that will be returned in case the complaint will be excepted. The jury decision will be a no matter of dispute if  the result is voted at majority. In case of dispute the ISF regulations will be applied by a ISF representative.

For information’s please contact: info@magaskymarathon.it.

14. For any other non specified arguments, laws the international ISF regulations remain valid  remain valid


Saturday 31st August 2019

From 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Accreditation and bibs delivery (UltraSkymarathon, Skyamarathon, Skyrace)

6.00 pm 
Race presentation and technical briefing 

Sunday, 1st September 2019

From 4.00 am to 4.40 am 
Accreditation and UltraSkymarathon bibs delivery 

4.30 am 
Departure of bus from Serina (palazzetto dello Sport) to Zorzone (for Ultraskymarathon start)

5.50 am
Start UltraSkymarathon

around 2.00 pm
First UltraSkymarathon athletes  arrival 

4.00 pm
Price giving ceremony

* Schedules may vary