Total distance: 38 km
Max elevation: 2450 m
Min elevation: 830 m
Download file: Maga.gpx

1. Male and female athletes aged 18 and over can take part in the Maga Skymarathon if they have a medical certificate showing fitness to competitive sports with cardiovascular assesment for high risk groups issued by a Sports Medicine Centre (category B) valid for the current season.
For all non-Italian runners, its necessary to present valid medical certification before the beginning of the competition.
The Race will take place on wild mountain environment, the path follows demanding slopes, there are equipped sections with ropes and chains, at these more technical points the assistance of mountain guides will be provided. For these reasons, a good physical preparation and maximum caution are necessary.
2. By registering, competitors release the organisers from any civil and criminal liability for damage to people or property that may occur during and after the race and therefore waive any recourse against the organisers in the event of damage and/or other consequences that may arise during and/or related to the competition. However, the organising committee declares that it is covered by civil liability insurance for risks arising from the organisation of the race.


Entry fee: € 50.00
Entry fee for FISKY registered athletes: € 45,00


All participants, with the exception of Fisky members, will be required to pay a daily
membership fee (5,00 €).
If a member is unable to take part in the race, the participation fee will not be refunded and it will not be possible to use the registration fee for the following year.
For organisational reasons the following maximum limit to entries has been set for the year 2021
– 150 athletes for the MAGA Skymarathon
*This limit may be changed under certain circumstances.

1. Competitors must follow the path markings and pass all control points. 2. The bib may not be changed and must be displayed and clearly visible throughout the competition.
3. Competitors may withdraw of their own accord or be forced to do so by the race director or one of the doctors present on the course. In the event of spontaneous withdrawal, athletes must inform the control staff, handing in their race number and carefully following the instructions of the control staff for their return.
4. In the technical parts, poles cannot be used, therefore those who have them are obliged to fold them up and put them in their rucksacks so as to have their hands free. If participants use poles and do not put them in their rucksacks, the mountain guides in charge of safety and/or the race director can disqualify them.
5. In the event of an accident, the athletes are obliged to cooperate, to come to the aid of any athletes in difficulty and to inform the nearest control post immediately. The jury will take into account the time spent assisting.
6. At any point during the race, the race director or a control officer may oblige competitors to wear a windproof jacket or any other compulsory clothing or equipment.

1. In the event of weather conditions which constitute an objective danger for the competitors, the route may be modified at the sole discretion of the race director. The competition may be suspended and/or the route modified at any time, even if the race has already started.
2. In the event of a forced interruption of the race by the race organisers, an overall ranking will be drawn up taking into account the time obtained at the last control point.
3. In case of a shortened route the prize money will be halved. In case of cancellation of the competition the entry fee will not be refunded.

All along the race path, staff will be present and during the most difficult traits of the path, experts from the Soccorso Alpino (Alpine rescue team) and AKJA will be present. At the cut off points a Doctor from the Green Cross (Croce Verde) will be also present.

Athletes, both men and women, must reach the finish line by 9.00 am. The start from Zorzone di Oltre il Colle is scheduled at 7.00 a.m. The race director reserves the right to change the starting time if necessary in case of weather conditions that constitute an element of objective danger for competitors.
There are two cut off points:
a. Capanna 2000 within 3.15 hours from the start;
b. Pazzo di Zambla within 6.30 hours from the start.

1. Official timekeeping and data processing are carried out by a specific organisation.
2. The first 10 male and female athletes are not allowed to cross the finish line in pairs.

Along the route there are a a number of refreshment points with suitable drinks and energy supplies. It is strictly forbidden to leave rubbish along the race route and outside the refreshment points, under penalty of disqualification. For more details see the section refreshment posts published on the website.


1. The race will take place on mountain paths with a demanding route of ascents and descents, with some equipped sections, fixed ropes and ferratas, passing through exposed ledges and steep rocky slopes of unstable stones and grassy meadows. Given the characteristics of the route, participants are obliged to wear suitable footwear and clothing. Gloves are also recommended for the Maga Skymarathon.
2. The following equipment is mandatory and must be carried by athletes for the entire duration of the race:
– Windproof jacket;
– Glass or container (flask, water bottle, etc.).

2. Spot checks on equipment will be carried out during the race, if the athlete is found without the mandatory equipment may be sanctioned with 10 minutes penalty.

3. In the event of bad weather forecasts, the organisation reserves the right to add items to the mandary equipment, which will be communicated the days before the race on the event website and social channels.
4. The use of poles is optional. In technical sections, hands must be absolutely free.

Several checkpoints will be set up and failure to pass one of them will result in the disqualification of the athlete.


The race Director and the Organising Committee reserve the right to impose penalties ranging from 3 minutes to disqualification, depending on the seriousness and repetition of the following infringements:

1. Leaving rubbish outside the areas designated as refreshment areas (+/-100 m).
We adhere to the campaign – I don’t throw rubbish

2. Bib number not visible.
3. Overtaking in sections equipped with fixed ropes.
4. Failure to pass through mandatory check points.
5. Unsportsmanlike conduct – as not assisting a participant in need of help.
6. Not carrying or not using the mandatory equipment.
7. Not following the instructions of the organisation or the judges.
8. Refusing to undergo a doping test or testing positive.

Any complaint must be written and sent to the competition office within one hour from the publication of the official classification, paying a fee of Euro 50.00 which will only be returned if the complaint is accepted. The decision of the jury, if taken by absolute majority, is final. In the event of a dispute, the ISF regulations and the decision of the ISF representative shall apply.
The complaint must necessarily contain the name of the complainant, the bib number and the reasons of the complaint.


Should you require any further information, please write to:

For anything not specified in these regulations, the rules of the International ISF apply.


The athlete, aware of the responsibility for false declarations, at the moment of registration for the race acknowledges and confirms
– to have read the regulations and the Covid protocol, published on the website, in all its parts and to accept its content in full;
– to have read the race path and to have considered it, to the best of their ability, as fully suitable for their technical level;
– to be well aware that the above-mentioned path has sections with fixed ropes and exposed passages, even if assisted by the organisation’s staff;
– to be in possession of a skyrunning curriculum suitable for the competition, having also taken part in similar events in the recent past and in any case boasting mountain experience suitable for tackling the aforementioned route;
– to have been informed by the organisers of the potential danger of the event in mountain environment and therefore he/she chooses to assume all the risks;
– to expressly exonerate the organisers from all liability in the event of any accident to which the athlete may be subjected.

By registering for the event, participants declare that they have carefully read and accepted the privacy regulations published on the website ( and, in particular, that they accept that their images, photos and/or videos will be used to publicise the event and/or the territory for related purposes and that their personal data will be included in the organiser’s archives.
This data will be stored and kept in strict confidence by the Organising Committee and will be used for purposes related to the race, in accordance with law no. 675/96 of 31.12.1996, art. 13. It is possible to correct or delete this data at any time.


By registering for the race, participants accept these regulations in all their parts and without reservation. Participants also guarantee to respect and comply with these regulations and releases the organisers from any civil or criminal liability for any accident or incident, for damage to people or property caused by him/her which may occur during the event. The race will be carried out in compliance with the rules, any change will be communicated and/or published on the website and social channels.

Date: 05 September 2021

Where: Zorzone – Serina

Organization: Asd Maga

Prisez *

1° 500€
2° 400€
3° 300€
4° 200€
5° 100€
followed by technical prizes

1° 500€
2° 400€
3° 300€
4° 200€
5° 100€
followed by technical prizes

* In case of bad weather conditions or other reasons that may be dangerous for the participants’ safety, the organization can change the original path with a shorter one, the prizes will be halved consequently.

Rank 2009


Saturday 31st August

From 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm 
Accreditation and bibs delivery (UltraSkymarathon, Skyamarathon, Skyarace)

6.00 pm 
Race presentation and technical briefing

Sunday 1st September 2019

from 5.00 am to 6.00 am 
Accreditation and Skymarathon bibs delivery

6.00 am Departure of bus from Serina (palazzetto dello Sport) to Zorzone (for Skymarathon start)

7.00 am  Start Skymarathon

Around 12.15/12.30 pm
First Skymarathon athletes  arrival 

4.00 pm
Price giving ceremony 

*Schedules may vary