ASD MAGA is already at work to organize the European edition: this race promises to get people talking due to its technically demanding and spectacular track. Serina Valley is going to welcome athletes coming from all over the Europe and is settling in to live and make you live a weekend of sport and fun.

Important news accompanied the birth of the 2019 edition.

This edition is going to comprise only two races: the Skyrace and the Ultra Skymarathon race, better known as the “Monster”, as its tracker calls it, which will be dyed European colors this year. We are going to see athletes run in the mountains we have learnt to and love with the 24km and the 50km tracks.

We decided not to run the Skymarathon this year: we want to enhance at best the “Monster” and maximize resources in order to continue to ensure the safety standards that have always characterized the MAGA race.

But don’t worry, the 42km track will be back in the 2020 edition!

Registrations for both races open on May 1st 2019.

We are looking forward to meeting you all!