Covid-19 Protocol

Covid-19 protocol

The following Anti-COVID protocol forms part of the race regulations, It identifies mandatory behaviours for organizers as well as athletes in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19. The Organising Committee holds the right to modify the protocol according to the latest Governament decisions.

For all matters not covered by the protocol, the Fisky regulations will apply (
The members of the Organising Committee, the Covid Manager and the MagaSkyMarathon Director will check the compliance with the rules by the participants. Failure to respect these rules and behavioural standards of the protocol by athletes and trainers may lead to expulsion from the competition.

All the staff involved in the organisation (Organising Committee, Volunteers, medical staff, collaborators, photographers, etc…) will be provided with an identification badge and will have previously filled in the anamnestic form for SARS-CoV2 infection (Covid-19).
The organisation will appoint a Covid-19 manager that will exclusively handle the control processes and the prevention plan.

All personnel involved in the organization will be required to display to the Covid Manager the COVID-19 green certification (Green Pass) as per Article 9 paragraph 2, DL April 22, 2021.

Race number and race pack distribution takes place in a space where entry and exit will be clearly identified. Due to anti-COVID regulations, when entering the distribution area all athletes must keep the safe distance of at least one meter and wear a mask.

Participants must sanitise their hands before handing in the completed and countersigned SARS-CoV2 Infection History Sheet (COVID-19), which can be downloaded from this link. Failure to do so will result in the bib number and race packet not being handed over.
It is not permitted under any circumstances to collect the race pack and the race number on behalf of a third party, nor to hand over the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2) Medical Record (Annex 1).

All those who, for whatever reason, enter the area dedicated to the distribution of race packs/bibs, must have their outside front temperature measured.

The pre-race briefing will take place remotely, the communication channel will be communicated the days before the race. Any updates will be provided through the event’s online channels (Facebook, instagram page and website).

Athletes are not allowed to hand over materials and/or equipment to the organisers to be taken back at the end of the race.
Due to the anti-COVID measures in place, this year neither changing rooms nor showers are available.

The “race area” includes the race paths, the start area, the finish area and the control and refreshments along the race route. Only athletes, accredited technicians, judges and other officials, rescue and technical support staff at the control points, refreshing points and any other authorised staff are allowed on the “race course”.
All people in the “race area” must wear a mask at all times and keep the distance.
All spaces of the “race area” will be cordoned off and closed to the public.

Access to the start area will be allowed only to athletes, judges and other officials, rescue and technical support staff at the control points and any other authorized person identified by the badge.
The access to the Start Area will be properly delimited and it will be the only access point to the area where participants will be checked and the temperature will be measured. In the starting zone there will also be an exit route that does not cross that of the competitors entering.
All those admitted to the start area must wear a protective mask.
Athletes may not leave any material in the starting area, under penalty of disqualification. They are also not allowed to hand over any material and/or equipment to the organisers in the starting area, to be taken back at the end of the race, nor are the competition officials allowed to receive, touch or move the competitors’ material and equipment.

Competitors not wearing the race bib and therefore have not shown the COVID-19 Green Certification (Green Pass) referred to in Article 9 paragraph 2, DL April 22, 2021 or the documentation referred to in paragraph 3 above for those coming from abroad, cannot access the starting area.
When entering the starting zone, the temperature will be taken and it must not exceed 37.5°C.
If this value is exceeded, after a second measurement at a distance of 5 (five) minutes, the athlet will not be admitted to the race and will be referred to the competent health authority.
Runners must wear a mask at least for the first 300 metres. The mask must be kept for the entire duration of the race and it is strictly forbidden to leave it on the route.
The mask must be put on again at the end, after the time normally necessary for the recovery of physical energy, and in general, before leaving the finish area.
The abandonment of the mask will lead to the immediate expulsion of the competitor, except in the case of more serious sanctions provided for by the relevant health and hygiene regulations.
Any competitor leaving the start area after having entered it, must undergo a temperature check again when returning to the start area.
The Organising Committee reserves the right to divide the start into several stages in order to guarantee the distance between competitors.

During the race, competitors must keep an approximate distance of at least two metres between them. Overtaking must take place at least 1 meter to the side of the competitor and in the shortest possible time. During the race it is strictly forbidden to run side by side.
It is forbidden to leave any kind of material (mask, rubbish, clothing, etc.) along the route under penalty of immediate disqualification.

Along the route there will be set some refreshment points which can be accessed only by athletes with the bib properly worn.
Refreshments will be self-service so that athletes can serve themselves with individual disposable containers for drinks and food in single portions. Disposable containers and waste material must be placed in the containers provided by the organisers near the refreshment area. Failure to do so will lead to penalties.
Competitors may enjoy personal assistance only in the refreshment areas, for refreshments and food only, as long as the support is provided by identifiable personnel who have completed and handed in the Medical History Form for SARS-CoV2 infection (COVID-19) before entering the area.
Any kind of support outside the refreshment/assistance areas is prohibited, under penalty of disqualification.
Competitors using poles must carry them at all times and may not leave them along the route or hand them over to anyone, under penalty of disqualification.
It is forbidden to leave material of any kind along the route, under penalty of disqualification.

The Finish Zone will be located in the Market Square of Serina (BG). Access to the finish area will be allowed only to competitors, judges and other officials, rescue and technical support staff at the control points and/or any other staff identified by a suitable badge.
All people admitted to the finish area must wear a protective mask.
Once they have crossed the finishing line, competitors must put on their masks and leave the finishing area as soon as possible.
All competitors who cross the finish line will be given a bag containing refreshments to be consumed outside the finish area.

In order to avoid crowds, the race rankings may not be displayed and may not be distributed in paper form, but will be published on the event website and on the website of the company that will provide the timing service (Pico Sport), as well as on the social pages (Instagram and Facebook).
The prize-giving ceremony for the first three men and the first three women will take place in an area near to the finish line, specially prepared and appropriately delimited, respecting the distance between people.
During the prize-giving ceremony, everyone (competitors and officials) must wear a mask.
The prize money will be handed over in the area next to the finish line, which has been set up for this purpose and is suitably delimited.
Any prizes not handed over during the official ceremony must be collected from the race office.