Sunday September 1 in the Bergamasque Alps marks the start of two events not to be missed by skyrunning lovers.

The program includes the Maga Skyrace (24km, 1400m ascent) and the Ultra Maga Skymarathon (50km, 5000m ascent). Participation in the latter, the single race in the European specialty championship, will be restricted to an élite group of experienced runners.

The organizing committee comes from the “élite racing world” and is well prepared for the athletes’ needs. The cohesive team is working tirelessly to give fans an unforgettable weekend.

As for the competitions, they are adrenaline-fueled to say the least. Steep climbs, aerial crests, technical passages, and tightrope walking descents make a winning mix that will delight even the true gourmets of high-altitude racing. The icing on the cake is the audience, which will encourage and push every single athlete to the finish line.

Alongside the run-in Maga Skyrace (24km, 1400m ascent), which is very fast and open to everyone, last year an Ultra race was introduced, called “the monster” for its hardness and technicality. The ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) wanted to promote this tough and spectacular ultra-race, qualifying it as a single race in the European specialty championship.

The king and the queen of the “old continent” will be decided by a ring designed on mountain paths with lots of equipped stretches and fixed ropes. The best interpreters of the specialty will be called upon to compete on exposed ledges and steep rocky slopes. For this reason, we request an athletic curriculum from the competitors, who will have to fill out a pre-enrolment form on the website and those deemed suitable will have the opportunity to run one of the most awaited races of the season. The super race will take them over the peaks of Menna, Arera, and Grem, and through the two crosses of Alben.

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Maurizio Torri | Sportdimontagna