The Veia SkyRace, site of the 2019 European Championships. ©

The ISF is pleased to announce the 2019 Skyrunning European Championships which will be held in Italy between September 1st and 7th. All three disciplines will be disputed   – Vertical, Sky and Ultra.

The biennial championships will kick off with the Ultra on September 1st in Lombardy, near Bergamo, with the Ultra Maga SkyMarathon, 50 km long with a gruelling 5,000m vertical climb featuring stretches with fixed ropes and exposed ridges in true skyrunning style. The current records were set this year at the inaugural edition in 7h44’45” for men and 9h16’35” for women.

The Ultra Maga SkyMarathon, Alpi Orobie, Italy, site of the 2018 European Championships. ©Michelangelo Oprandi

The Vertical and Sky disciplines will take place at the same venue in Piedmont in North West Italy. On September 5th, the Vertical Terme di Bognanco, starts from the thermal baths in Bognanco at 665m altitude over a 3.4 km distance and 1,100m vertical climb, topping out at 1,765m. The standing records are 41’17” for men and 50’53” for women.

On September 7th it’s the turn International Veia SkyRace® with a 31 km course and 2,600m vertical climb along paths, ridges, moraine and fixed ropes, again, a true skyrunning course summiting at 2,450m where views of the surrounding 4,000m snow covered peaks in Switzerland design the skyline. Current records were set in 2018 in 3h00’09” and 3h23’27” respectively for men and women.

Veia SkyRace, Piedmont, Italy, where the 2019 European Championships will be held. ©

Individual Continental Champion titles and medals will be awarded in each discipline as well as a Combined title based on the best results of the Vertical and Sky races.

The National titles are based on the best four results scored by Official National Team members in each race, at least one per gender (ie: 3M+1W, 2M+2W, 1M+3W).

The first three ranked men and women will receive medals in each category and the first three national teams of the relevant continent will receive medals.

Further venues will be announced to complete the 2019 Skyrunning Continental Championships calendar.

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foto credit Matteo Zanga

Press by Matteo Zanga

Three races in one Maga Skymarathon, this is the innovation of the 11th event in the orobiche mountains. A Ultra epic and selective race has been added to the Skymarathon and to the Skyrace. Its already starting to get the fame of a World Project. The Appointment will be on the 2sd September 2018 Val Serina (Bergamo).

Who his convinced that the innovation of the Maga Skymarathon is the recent new change of the race track will have to think again. This year’s innovation is another that marks an historic moment of the Maga. A new third race is on his way that will become part of the skymarathon and skyrace consolidated race

An epic race the new Ultra Maga Skymarathon , with a very technical track, so extreme, hard and selective to approach due to its characteristics, Trofeo Kima. The Val Seriana territory’s conformation the high peaked mountains that surround it provide the perfect setting for this type of event.

The Ultra track will match the Skymarathon – starting point at Zorzone (Oltre il Colle) and arrival in centre of Serina -, with the adding of a few ‘bretelle’ that will make it even more spectacular and technical, on well known paths and itineraries frequented and appreciated by the mountain hikers.

The Ultra Maga Skymarathon as been inserted in the 2018 Skyrunner Italy season calendar series. It is only the start to a wider development that involves the Asd Maga. The President Davide Scolari explained «We had been thinking about an Ultra race for long time–and at last we introduced it. It will be far from an easy side race .A long distances competition looking for a future further growth that will provide all the needed necessary feedback in sight of the 2019 World Champion in other words a dream that could come true.

The organizers of this Classical race are working on it everyday and intend to bring to Val Serina, also for the 11th (eleventh) year athletes from all over Europe. To underline the 2 (second) of September 2018 when three races will take place under only one Name, #MagaSky. Any sky runner cant’ just miss out on this event, flying all the way to the World Project.

Enula Bassanelli