It is time to take a tough decision, the one we would have never wanted to make. A little bit more than three months after the event and into consideration that the state of emergency will continue until 31 July, the Organising Committee has to deal with reality. Even today it is in fact not clear how the situation will evolve from 1 August and what the developments will be.

And then the MAGA stops.

It STOPS because health and safety of athletes, volunteers, fans and onlookers are at stake, and all those people has always been fundamental in the organization of our competitions.

It STOPS out of respect for the sponsors and all those who over the years have financially supported the event, because it does not seem right to ask for a contribution to our event since now priorities are different.

It Stops out of respect for all those who are suffering and who are fighting against this virus that has changed our lives, for friends who have lost someone and still want to run and celebrate, but not now.

MAGA stops, but only for a year. The appointment is only postponed of 365 days, until 2021 when receiving an encouraging pat on the shoulder, a glass of water on arrival at the top, after the most difficult ascent of the route and a hug on arrival by your friends and fans will be even more beautiful.

We live on emotions, which this expectation will make even more intense.