2021 – Registration opens. Sunday, September 5 will be staged the 14th edition



Always the first of September. The one with the Maga, for over a decade, is a fixed appointment for the sky runners from Lombardy and beyond.

After the epic continental edition of two summers ago, the beauty of these peaks has crossed national borders. A reason for satisfaction and stimulus for Davide Scolari’s boys who are now ready to start again with renewed enthusiasm: “Last year we cancelled because of the pandemic, but now it’s right to start again – said the president of the organizing committee of Orobica -. In hard hit countries like ours, sport has been and continues to be an important release valve. A reason to move forward and look to the future with confidence. People want to turn over a new leaf and start again… and so do we”.

Races confirmed, therefore, with open registration on the site www.picosport.net. As anticipated, the hard course used for the European Championship will be kept in store for special occasions. In Val Serina will return to run on distances and differences in height more human. The tests provided are the classic marathon 39km (3000 m D+) and Skyrace (24 km 1500 D+).

Menna, Arera, Grem and Alben, the peaks from whose initials the little big dream of the “MAGA” started, are therefore ready to be the background to another great Sunday of sport. Keep free the first weekend of September. Those of Val Serina are races that deserve.

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Maurizio Torri | Sportdimontagna

(Foto Ian Corless)

Informazioni Logistiche e Briefing Ultra SkyMarathon

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Di seguito trovate:
• il documento relativo al briefing che verrà presentato sabato alle ore 18.00• il documento con il dettaglio dei punti di ristoro che troverete lungo la gara.

Scarica Ristori Atleti Ultra SkyMarathon
Scarica Briefing

Inoltre, di seguito trovate il programma del weekend:

Sabato 31 agosto:
ore 15:00 – 18:00 Ritiro pettorali e ritiro pacchi gara presso Hotel Moderno & Mori
ore 16:45 ritrovo atleti dei team internazionali (e di tutti coloro che vorranno aggregarsi) presso la Proloco di Serina ore 17:00 Sfilata dalla Proloco di Serina al Hotel Moderno & Mori.ore 18.00 Presentazione Top Atleti e Briefing. Si ricorda che il Briefing è obbligatorio per tutti gli atleti.

Domenica 1 settembre:
dalle ore 4.00 alle 4.30 trasferimento atleti dal Palazzetto dello sport di serina a Zorzone a carico dell’organizzazione
dalle ore 04.45 alle ore 05.20 controllo materialiore 5:30 partenza Maga Ultra Sky Marathon.
Si ricorda agli atleti che potranno portare la propria borsa personale alla partenza a Zorzone. Sarà cura dell’organizzazione raccogliere e riportare le borse a Serina, in prossimità del traguardo.

Please find attached:
• Briefing Pitch, that will be shown & discussed on saturday evening @ 06.00 pm;• Maga Ultra Sky Marathon Refreshement Point paper;

Download Refreshement Ultra Maga Skymarathon
Download Briefing

You can find below the agenda:
Saturday – 31 August 2019
• from 03.00 pm to 06.00 pm: registration, bib & race bag collection c/o “Hotel Moderno & Mori” in Serina.• 04.45 pm meeting point for National Team c/o Pro- Loco Serina.• 05.00 pm National Team Parade from Pro-Loco Serina to “Hotel Moderno & Mori”• 06.00 pm Top Runners presentation & Briefing presentation – Please Note that Briefing Presentation is mandatory for all runners.
Sunday, 1 September 2019
• from 04.00 am to 04.30 am: runners meeting point for bus from Serina to Zorzone, where the race will start.• from 04.45 am to 05.20 am: runners control.• 05.30 am: Maga Ultra Sky Marathon START.
Please note that each runner can take his personal bag to Zorzone @ Maga Ultra Sky Marathon START; Maga Team will collect and take them to Serina, close to Finish Line.